Bad Credit Business Loans


If your company needs money, yet you have bad credit, getting a loan can seem impossible with most banks. In today’s economy, traditional banks and lending services act much more prudent in order to minimize their risks. Borrowers with bad personal credit scores are instantly declined and left in the lurches for the money they need to start or continue their current business. Rather than facing denials over and over again, apply for the business loan you need right here! We offer programs for people/companies that have less than perfect credit but still deserve the funds necessary to keep their business up and running or even started for the first time.


Offsetting Bad Credit


One of the easiest ways to offset your bad credit is to provide collateral for the loan. There is a higher sense of security when you are able to put up high valued items for collateral. If you have personal or business assets that you can use in exchange for the necessary funds, it is much easier for us to get you qualified for a loan despite your poor credit. In most cases your score or history will not even matter. We can use your collateral as a way to guarantee that we will receive the necessary funds to repay your loan should you default in the future. You do not need to think that we assume that every company will default – it is just a way to protect our assets as we help you keep your company running. It is a win-win situation for everyone.


Merchant Cash Advance


One of the easiest ways to get around bad credit when you need money for your business is with a merchant cash advance. Unlike the standard business loan, this means of obtaining the necessary capital requires you to put up a percentage of your future credit card sales in exchange for immediate access to the necessary funds. This is not specifically a loan, but an advance, which does not require the use of your credit score or evaluation of any assets. The best news is that you can have the money you need in as little as 48 hours with this loan type. All you need to do is get started with our online application right away.


Apply Today


We encourage you to apply for a bad credit business loan or merchant cash advance with us today. We have a variety of products that help business owners that have hit hard luck and have not been able to repair their credit scores fast enough to get the money they need. Our application process is simple and secure, providing you with the answers you need quickly, rather than leaving you hanging for weeks on end, as a traditional bank would do. We keep all information private and answer your application as quickly as we can. The more information you are able to provide us with up front, the quicker we can provide you with your answer to your business loan needs.


Most banks would turn up their noses to applicants with bad credit, but we understand the need for funds to keep your business and the economy thriving. We are here to help you and the community succeed – start the process today by filling out our secure application and one of our representatives will work closely with you to help you achieve your company goals today. You never know what you can obtain until you try – apply for a bad credit business loan with us online today.