Business Line of Credit


Obtaining a business line of credit provides you with the funding you need for your small business when you need it. There are several kinds of lines of credit that range from unsecured, which means that they have no personal guarantee, to secured which means that it is backed by the company’s assets or by one particular asset. Our business line of credit products is designed to help a range of different companies in a variety of development cycles, sizes and points of growth. Whether your business is just getting off its feet or you want to get more funding for your well-established business, we are ready and willing to help you meet your goals by providing you with the capital you need through a business line of credit.


We Understand Your Needs


We know that the cash flow of small businesses is not predictable. There may be a marketing program you need to pay for one day and then an extra cost to cover an unexpected expense the other, which means that sometimes small businesses like yours often just do not have enough cash on hand to cover all of their expenditures. It is critical that you apply for a line of credit before you get desperate. Unfortunately, similar to how an insurance company will refuse to write you a fire policy when your house is on fire, traditional lenders will refuse to give you funding when you are in a sticky situation financially. We are not like traditional bankers, as we understand that life happens, and we will not let life’s missteps stop you from getting the capital you need fast.


Product Offerings


Our business line of credit is not based on your credit score, but instead on your company’s gross revenue. We make sure that you succeed by giving you the cash you require quickly without making you go through the strict requirements or formalities that are typical of a business loan offered by a bank or other financing company. Although our line of credit can greatly benefit those business owners with good credit, we also do not shut the door on those whose credit is not stellar.


Simple, Fast and Convenient


Unlike traditional small business loans, our business line of credit is not fixed to a particular repayment schedule. If you are having a bad period, then we’d be happy to accept a small payment so that your line of credit works with the flow of your business. On top of this, dissimilar to many lenders, our business line of credit does not need a personal guarantee or collateral. We also do not need you to fork over all of your tax returns or financial statements. Our online application is quick and simple and will only take a few moments for you to fill out. Conversely, a typical business loan usually requires you to spend hours on paperwork, and you will not know whether or not you’ve been approved for days. We will accept your company for a line of credit within 24 hours, and you’ll be given the working capital you need in only a few days!


Let Us Help You


Our goal is to aid small business owners like you achieve their dreams by providing them with the funds their businesses need to get off of its feet, grow and succeed. We know that small businesses are the backbone of America, and so we want to make it as easy on them as possible. If you are in need of funding for whatever reason, whether it be to purchase equipment, hire new employees, or pay your marketing costs, we got your back! Fill out our easy online application today.