Merchant Cash Advance


We understand that deciding on a funding source is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. However, our Merchant Cash Advance products are some of the fastest and most reliable around making them an easy decision. We value each one of our applicants and look at their business as a unique case by weighing every circumstance. Our underwriting process considers the daily challenges of a small business and what it takes to be successful so that we can fund your business and make your repayment process manageable and swift.


Why Use Our Services?


We have an extremely high approval ratio, which means that we find ways to say yes and approve accounts when others say no. We also have some of the lowest rates, which mean that your cash advance repayment process will be smooth sailing. Lastly, we work to have a one-on-one, personalized business relationship with each one of our clients. We are proud to offer outstanding customer service and are excited to see how exactly we can help your business.


Our Merchant Cash Advance Product


If you are seeking a merchant cash advance, then you’ve found your perfect match with us. Our competition cannot beat our merchant cash advance program. We provide flexible draws, which means that you only have to take the amount you need as you need it. Additionally, we know that life happens, and so if your credit score is less than ideal, then not to worry as we will approve you based on your business’s cash flow and not your credit score. We make sure that your approval process is plain and simple; you’ll receive no muddled, confusing language just an easy form to fill out and no hidden fees.


Our Application Process


You can apply for our merchant cash advance from the comfort of your own home using our website. Applications that are submitted to us will go straight to our underwriting process. You’ll receive a decision in only a few days of submission, and will be presented with multiple options so that you can customize your funding to suit your needs. Moreover, at no time during this process will a pushy sales person call you.


How Do Merchant Cash Advances Work?


Merchant cash advances allow you access to the funds you need fast. To do this, we purchase a certain dollar amount of your company’s future debit or credit sales at a set price. We will then provide you with this amount in cash funding. To repay your advance, we will collect on a certain percentage of future debit or credit transactions that are processed by your business. We can either do this directly from your processor or we can ACH the agreed upon amount through your bank. We do this so that your future payments are based on your sales volume, which makes repayment cash-flow-friendly.


Our Mission


Our mission is to make sure that each small business we work with thrives; we want to foster long-term relationships with each one of our merchants. Our goal is to lend support to all of our customers from the application process down to the post funding.


Why an Advance Might be Right for You


If you have a previous history of credit card acceptance, then taking out a Merchant Cash Advance is the ideal solution for your business, as we will use your credit card history volume to determine the amount of funding we can provide you with. Merchant Cash Advances have very little credit requirements and don’t require that you have an extensive operating history, which makes them the perfect alternative to a traditional bank loan. Get a free quote rate now!