Short Term Business Financing


When company owners think about business loans, in most cases they are thinking about the more traditional long-term loan with term lengths between 5 to 10 years that they obtain from their bank. However, in recent times, a new type of business financing has come out of the shadows—short-term loans. These short-term business loans have become a popular way for business owners to handle obstacles that their business falls into or to take advantage of opportunities that are time sensitive. We offer some of the most competitive rates and most flexible terms on short-term business financing in the area.


Short-Term Loan Can Save the Day


An example of a short-term business loan need is in the case that inventory is available at a steep discount, but only for a short amount of time or when there is a marketing opportunity that requires immediate funding. In other cases, business owners simply need a little breathing room when their clients have not yet paid. Whatever the case, getting a short-term business loan is often a much better option than taking out a long-term loan that takes years to pay off. If you have an inventory turn-over rate of three months, then the last thing you want to do is to pay for that stock three years down the line.


Build Your Business Credit


Besides having access to immediate funds, our short-term business loans will help you build your business credit. Conversely, taking out a cash advance will have no positive effect on your business credit. However, our short-term loans are similar to bank loans in that they are reported to the business credit bureaus. This means that taking out one of our short-term business loans will allow you to qualify for long-term, larger loans with better terms later down the line.


What We Offer


We offer short-term small business loans for immediate needs. Our loans have varying repayment lengths and amounts so you can customize them to fit your business needs. We understand that as a business owner, having access to immediate funds is crucial. That is why our underwriting procedure is much quicker than what you would experience at a bank. In fact, you can receive funding from us within a matter of days so that you do not have to wait around for paperwork to come through.


Let Us Help You


We understand that each business’s financial situation is unique, and so we’ll sit down with you to figure out the best possible way to help your business obtain the capital it needs to succeed. We also know that many business owners are starting out with less than perfect credit, but with our underwriting procedure you can get approved for more money then you applied for even if you have a less than ideal credit history. Running a business requires capital period. If your struggling to get ahold of the cash, then let us help you. For more information, send us an inquiry or apply today for a free rate quote!